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Affordable health and habit change coaching via Zoom for all time zones, by an EFM (spouse now retired) who gets your lifestyle!
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In my 50s, I recovered from obesity and a sedentary lifestyle with simple, natural habit/mindset changes. Now I've learned to help others do the same! Are you where I was? Noticing signs of aging you don't love, like having more trouble getting up off the floor? Well-educated and well-informed about health but not sure what next steps will actually fit into your life and feel OK? Ready to start making changes but feeling a bit stuck about actually changing your habits? I'd love to talk to you on Zoom and see if we're a good fit. I'm a certified health coach, personal trainer, and Functional Aging Specialist, and a longtime EFM with seven overseas posts. My coaching philosophy focuses on loving self-support (and even fun and play!) while finding new habits we truly enjoy and that help us feel better from the very start. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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