The EFM (Eligible Family Member) Business Directory is a service provided by the Association of American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW) for its membership and members of the public.

Many EFMs around the world are trying their hand at home-based businesses. This type of endeavor allows the individual to keep busy, maintain professional skills and earn an income while staying at home. This is often quite an attractive alternative for family members with skills that are easily marketed via the Internet or through artisan galleries, bazaars and expatriate communities. EFMs are limited only by their own interests and financial resources required to start up a new business.

– From the Home-Based Business Guide (Family Liaison Office)

The EFM Business Directory was created with the goal of helping EFM-owned businesses connect with their customers, clients and markets both at home and overseas. AAFSW members are eligible to submit listings for publication.

Contact AAFSW if you have questions about the directory or would like to learn more about AAFSW as an organization. You can also visit AAFSW.org for more information about our programs and services.