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Crystaline Randazzo
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Hi, I'm Crystaline Randazzo. I'm a storyteller and media creator. My mission is to empower changemaking entrepreneurs and women by helping them use storytelling to better understand how they present themselves to the world. I foster supportive communities and courses where these type of women can practice sharing their stories in a safe environment before stepping into the public eye. This builds their confidence in sharing the work they're passionate about. Additionally, I offer services like story based book editing, website copywriting and design, and brand and media advice. I’ve witnessed hundreds of people tell their stories and had the personal experience telling some of my own, I know how hard it can feel to find your truth for yourself. I know that we all long to be seen and understood, this reclamation is at the root of my work.
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I’m a Story Excavator & Media Creatrix with 15 years of experience producing stories in photography, filmmaking, and writing all over the world.

I’m obsessed with stories. I read scientific research papers on storytelling just for fun. I deconstruct films and tv shows (to the annoyance of my husband) just to understand how they work. I have 500+ books on my Goodreads list because I cannot learn enough.

I’m your stories’ sacred space holder–your personal narrative midwife. My job is to channel your audience, to listen for what they care about and nix what they don’t, and to leave them breathless and on the edge of their seat. I use the science of storytelling and the genius of true vulnerability to make your stories stick in your audiences’ minds. I believe there is nothing more powerful than a great story. I can’t wait to help you tell yours.

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