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The Made Easy series of Travel Guides to Italy feature Rome, Florence and Venice; and help travelers and residents find the most authentically local places to eat, shop, and explore; as well as all the best sights to see in each city.
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The Made Easy series – Rome Made Easy, Florence Made Easy, and Venice Made Easy – was initially published to widespread acclaim as part of the Open Road Publishing stable of travel titles. Since those heady days, the travel industry has changed dramatically, as has the travel writing business, along with publishing and book selling in general. Bookstore chains have closed, and the survivors have dramatically reduced their shelf space, becoming more selective as to the titles they carry. So despite their quality, there was simply no room left for the Made Easy series in bookstores. A situation that almost put an end to these titles.

However, every challenge also offers an opportunity, and now the series has been reincarnated in eBook format. Though as the author I may be biased, I believe that the Made Easy guides are the better for it. Electronic books do not have to confine themselves to specific editorial restraints, nor do they have a predetermined page limit, which means that this series can contain more information to help travelers have the best time possible in Rome, Florence and Venice. Most importantly, there is less of a time lag between research, writing and publication allowing for the most up-to-date information to be made available to readers. Freed from the constraints of traditional brick and mortar publishing, the Made Easy series now has more information, prepared for travelers in a much more timely manner, all designed to make your next trip to the booted peninsula that much more rewarding ... and easy.

The author, Douglas E. Morris, has had 12 books published by four different publishers, has a travel column in Primo magazine, and regularly pens articles for different periodicals around the world. He has spent over 10 years enjoying la dolce vita in Italy – seven in Rome, two in Florence, and one in the small town of Viterbo. Born in the US, along with residing Italy, he has lived in eleven other countries on three continents over more than two decades.

He has explored the pyramids in Egypt, trekked Alpine peaks in Switzerland and Austria, savored the libertine culture of Denmark, hiked Hadrian’s Wall in northern England, unearthed ancient Roman ruins in Israel, climbed the pyramids of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, traversed the Great Wall in China, sailed the Fjords of Norway, scaled the Eiffel Tower in Paris, bar hopped down Hooker Hill in Seoul, and witnessed cows being ritualistically slaughtered behind the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, the streets running red with their blood; as well as many other acts of wild abandon far removed from the realm of everyday life.

As a result of these and many other cross-cultural explorations, Mr. Morris has developed a keen sense of what makes for an authentic travel experience. He has put that insight into each of the Made Easy guides, all to help ensure that you have the most enjoyable local experience possible while in Rome, Florence or Venice.

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Experience the world\'s most fascinating places
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We’re cultural adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts who have a passion for the outdoors, art, architecture, history, and a good meal! We offer life-enhancing trips to many of the world’s most fascinating places – custom made just for you, your friends, non-profit or special-interest group.
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Travel with purpose. We believe that experiencing the world with respect and humility develops our tolerance, empathy, and understanding of the world and ourselves.

Our mission is to explore, connect, give back, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. Whether by hiking, sailing, hot air ballooning, jeep or camel safari, plane, train, or automobile, choosing Ponte Travels is a choice for responsible tourism.

• Customized Service. We believe that no two experiences are alike and tailor every itinerary to you.

• Exclusive Access. Your Ponte Travels experiences includes a custom itinerary, boutique accommodation, private transfers, English-speaking local guides, and more. Full-service and worry-free.

• Giving Back. We believe responsible tourism involves giving back to organizations that support local economies and ecosystems. With every trip, we make a donation to carefully selected NGOs working to improve the lives of millions.

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(206) 201-4132
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Mary Stange believes in transformative, responsible travel
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