Carrington Financial Planning, LLC
Financial planning and wealth management for Foreign Service employees, or as we call it, "Diplonomics". In-person or remote (virtual) planning process.

Financial planning and wealth management for Foreign Service employees requires specialized knowledge and experience.

We have served hundreds of Foreign Service clients and gained unique insight into financial planning for this community. Our experience has enabled us to develop a streamlined and modern approach to in-person and remote comprehensive planning and wealth management.

We proudly serve employees of DOS, USAID, FCS, FAS, DS, and several other agencies.

Pavlov Financial Planning
I help you and your spouse make better financial decisions as a team so you can fully enjoy global living without the stress.

Pavlov Financial Planning was started in 2010 to serve common people in uncommon ways. We feel the pain of our generation struggling to find quality financial advice at an affordable price while being sold unnecessary financial products or being pushed away by large wealth management firms. This is why we dedicate ourselves to provide fee-only financial planning for young professionals who want to have comprehensive understanding of their finances, are ready to get their finances in order to start building wealth and meet their goals, and welcome a little nudge to take action from time to time.

As an EFM, I understand what you are going through and have helped many others who live similar lives. I work virtually on a flexible schedule with clients in their 20s to 40s, focusing on planning their finances around their global journey. I will discuss your options and give you directions on each of your financial decisions, from budgeting and debt payments, to saving for retirement, investing, and planning for taxes. I am your GPS, and you are the driver. With my help, you will be able to get to where you want to be.

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