Literature-based American history courses with interactive activities for children in grades K-8.

We provide American history boxes with 12 – 14 fiction and non-fiction books, 4 – 5 interactive games, a supply bag, and a standards-based activity book for children in grades K – 8. In addition to our grade level boxes, we also have a Sports Edition, and a Writing Edition for older children. Parents can add on personalized thematic units of their choosing. Simply email us at

History should be fun and interactive! We choose books that bring history alive and have created activities that encourage children to think, make connections, and apply their learning. The boxes can be completed with a parent or independently. Assessments available upon completion.

Many families can qualify for full reimbursement if they are living abroad. For a reimbursement request form, write to us at
Global Therapy Consultants
VIRTUAL Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education, Developmental Consultation, Evaluations, Dyslexia Tutoring

No need to find a new provider with each new bid! Services include direct OT, PT, Speech Therapy services, IEP and developmental consultations, dyslexia tutoring, and evaluations. One time consultations or weekly services, depending on your needs. If you are an adult looking for a therapist, we have a strategic partnership with an adult rehabilitative company, so contact us today!

Global Therapy Consultants