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Career Valet
Started by a Foreign Service (FS) spouse in 2011, Career Valet understands the career challenges that spouses face as part of the FS lifestyle. If you are trying to more effectively tell your story due to employment gaps, uneven paths, or to re-enter the workforce, we are dedicated to helping you advance in your career.



We understand that searching for the right job is frustrating, whether you are moving or permanently in one location. Our writing and job search processes are unique, and we tailor our services to perfectly match your professional background and goals. Our process involves asking you resume-specific as well as general questions with your job targets in mind to build a thoughtful, thorough resume. We also write cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and conduct job searches and mock interviews.

Your success means we are doing our job effectively:
• 87% of clients actively job searching have interviewed within several months of working with us
• 82% of those interviewing accepted a new job
• 80% of those offered a job moved to a new company or organization

Crystaline Randazzo, LLC
I'm a freelance photographer, videographer, and story designer for nonprofits, social enterprises, and B Corps. You're a nonprofit, social enterprise, or B Corp that wants to utilize the power of visual storytelling for your organization. Together we'll identify stories that work for your audience, create stunning media, and motivate others to action.

I’m a professional photographer and filmmaker with more than a dozen years of experience working in documentary, nonprofit, and portrait photography. In 2010, I lived through an earthquake and it changed the way I looked at media, development, and disaster response. I primarily work with nonprofits, B corps, and social enterprises to find and share their stories through media. My goal is to craft emotional visual stories for specific audiences to create positive change in the world while giving dignity to those who open their lives to my lens. I love creating stories that deserve to be told and living a life of adventure with my husband and our furry Zambian cat. I am currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can also follow my work at, a site created to inspire and inform humanitarian storytellers around the world.

World Tree Coaching
I am a certified (ACC) life coach supporting individuals living outside their home cultures. My services are primarily provided via phone and Skype. I offer discounts to Foreign Service community members.

I offer life coaching to individuals facing the ups and downs of transition. These services primarily include one-on-one support sessions via Skype or phone, email follow-up and periodic check-ins. I provide insight into the culture shock experience, support you in determining your goals in relation to your transition, help you better understand what may be holding you back from experiencing the joys of living around the world and, most importantly, I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to truly be yourself during the process of realizing a life centered around the things you hold most dear. A significant portion of my coaching practice is based on the concepts of mindfulness. To that end, much of my work is dedicated to helping my clients build a better foundation for understanding their thought and emotional patterns, raising awareness of and insight around those patterns and developing strategies for using that awareness for a more fulfilling daily life.

More About My Professional Background: I have been a life coach since I launched World Tree Coaching in November 2013. I have also been a clinical social worker (with over 4,000 hours of direct practice experience), a teacher, trainer and program coordinator. I currently hold the International Coach Federation's Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Clinical Social Work and Conflict Resolution. I have worked with individuals who are experiencing the challenges of cross-cultural adaptation for over 10 years. My client base is broad and diverse. I have worked with immigrants to the United States, students, trauma survivors, serial expats and Peace Corps volunteers.

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