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Career Valet
Started by a Foreign Service (FS) spouse in 2011, Career Valet understands the career challenges that spouses face as part of the FS lifestyle. If you are trying to more effectively tell your story due to employment gaps, uneven paths, or to re-enter the workforce, we are dedicated to helping you advance in your career.



We understand that searching for the right job is frustrating, whether you are moving or permanently in one location. Our writing and job search processes are unique, and we tailor our services to perfectly match your professional background and goals. Our process involves asking you resume-specific as well as general questions with your job targets in mind to build a thoughtful, thorough resume. We also write cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and conduct job searches and mock interviews.

Your success means we are doing our job effectively:
• 87% of clients actively job searching have interviewed within several months of working with us
• 82% of those interviewing accepted a new job
• 80% of those offered a job moved to a new company or organization

Catharine Ecton Life Coaching
Meet Life Coach Catharine Ecton, CTI certified professional co-active life coach who specializes in creating new beginnings, getting organized, building self-confidence, relocation, cross-cultural adjustment, and helping individuals exceed their expectations. She understands the challenges that spouses and families face as part of the Foreign Service lifestyle. Since 1990, she has been working with groups and individuals who are relocating to the US from overseas, or from the US to an overseas destination. She knows how important it is to identify and explore the stages of adjustment because she herself has relocated, both within the US and abroad, over 15 times.

We’ve all heard it before: you already hold the keys to your own happiness. But how do we get unstuck, beyond our personal predicaments and the things holding us back from living the life we truly desire and deserve?

Catharine Ecton is celebrated for her work as a life coach working with individuals and professionals in designing and living extraordinary lives. Her master’s degree in education, life experience, achievements, and fulfillment as a late-life sports competitor give her the perspective and insight to coach her clients to success. She has been interviewed and quoted by the Huffington Post as a transitions specialist for her expertise in cross-cultural adjustment. She can help you get out of the daily grind, find fulfillment, get organized and take action for change.

Coaching Philosophy

Catharine’s Coaching Philosophy informs all of the work she does with clients. Catharine believes that:

Examining your goals and desires will give you the possibility for change.
You will benefit from discovering your strengths and building on them.
You can learn to proactively manage your stress and find new energy.

Even if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, life coaching will take you on an exploration and you will move forward and make life-changing discoveries.

Professional Training

Catharine Ecton is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), and completed her Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.). She completed life coach training at the CTI (co-aCTIve) Institute, an organization with a 25-year track record of success whose founders were among the initial pioneers of the life coaching profession. Seven Habits author Stephen Covey praised CTI’s manual Co-Active Coaching, and the organization boasts rigorous and consistent standards for its students. While participating in classroom work, coaching practicum and teleconference coaching, Catharine learned the co-active model, a powerful process for engaging with clients that is supported by the most up-to-date scientific research. A life-long educator, Catharine uses a powerful process based on her training at CTI. She became certified after a rigorous examination and practicum.

“My job is to show people that they can make the changes they want in their lives. I believe that we possess the capacity for knowing what is best for ourselves. I use navigated conversations, powerful questions and encouragement to help uncover the best in yourself. Wouldn’t you like to experience living wholeheartedly and purposefully?” – Catharine Ecton

Catharine Ecton Coaching
(202) 701-6192

Crystaline Randazzo Photography
I’m a freelance photographer, videographer, and story designer for nonprofits, bcorps, and social enterprises. You’re a nonprofit, B corp, or social enterprise that wants to utilize the power of visual storytelling for your organization.

Storytelling holds incredible power. But in order to use it well it’s important to understand that not every story is amazing. Not every story works well in photography, video, or for your specific audience. Many nonprofits and social enterprises have incredible missions, but your stories should show people what is special about yours and why they should care.

There is nothing I love more than to come in camera blazing to tell an incredible story for a great cause. Together we’ll identify stories that work for your audience, create stunning media, and motivate others to action.

I’m a professional photographer and filmmaker with more than a dozen years of experience working in documentary, nonprofit, and portrait photography. In 2010, I lived through an earthquake and it changed the way I looked at media, development, and disaster response. I primarily work with nonprofits and organizations to find and share their stories through media. My work frequently focuses on women’s empowerment, agriculture, and education. My goal is vibrant, ethical, emotional imagery that resonates with any audience. I love creating stories that deserve to be told and living a life of adventure with my husband and our furry Zambian cat. I am currently based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

You can also follow me at, a site created to inspire and inform humanitarian storytellers around the world.


After the earthquake, I put my camera down and I didn’t know if I’d pick it up again. I had spent years and many thousands of dollars becoming a photographer and none of it mattered to me. I had recently married to an American diplomat and was living with him in Haiti when the earthquake struck. I passed the days after assisting in the disaster relief in whatever way I could: cleaning toilets at the embassy, tracking down diapers and baby formula, cooking for more than twenty exhausted embassy employees who paused at my home for a quick bite and some shut eye before heading back to work. I put all my energy into helping Americans leave Haiti and tried not to think about the devastation I’d seen outside of the embassy walls.

I remember getting an email that said, “The photos you will take from this experience will make your career.” The photos I eventually made in Haiti did not “make” my career, but they started me down a path that changed the way I saw photography and development. I didn’t know it then but my choices in the weeks after the earthquake gave me some important clues about the work I should be doing. I learned that I was not capable of picking up my camera when life and death was on the line. I learned I was more humanitarian than photojournalist.

After the earthquake, I eventually returned to my camera. I took my first workshop on photographing for nonprofits. I flew from Port-au-Prince to Uganda. I was recovering from an earthquake. Uganda was recovering from war. This trip was the best therapy I could’ve done for myself. It allowed me to through myself into photography in a way that felt useful. I worked with organizations that were helping people by providing food, education, and empowering women to create change in their lives. My photos were helping contribute to the greater good and I felt something that I hadn’t felt in many months: hope.

Since then, I’ve documented agricultural projects in Haiti, women’s cooperatives in Rwanda, and adoptions in Congo. I specialize in helping nonprofits find and create stories around their work. I believe that individual stories are the most powerful way to motivate others to get involved with a causes. I like to think that I’ve remained true to my humanitarian roots. Every day I learn to strike the balance between telling stories and giving people the dignity that they deserve.

See more of my work:

Online Marketplace for sales, rentals and provision of services.

Dipneeds is an online Marketplace, created to provide portable vocational options for those living the nomadic lifestyle. As well as anyone seeking to enter the e-commerce space with their product or services.

This would not be that job or business you have to leave behind when you relocate. A diverse marketplace like ours helps you become a nomadic entrepreneur, by monetizing your hobby, certifications, skills and property wherever you go, without sacrificing your time.

Rent personal property, sell items and provide services to a diverse group of responsible individuals on this far-reaching marketplace. We look forward to working with you on maximizing your potentials with the endless possibilities that abound.

DreamSafe Kids, LLC
Stephanie is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach who works with families to create and implement personalized sleep plans. Through Gentle Sleep Coaching methods children 4.5 months to 6 years of age learn to put themselves to sleep and sleep through the night independently. Skype and Facetime option available.

Sleep Coaching (or Sleep Training) is the process of teaching your child to put themselves to sleep during nap time and eventually sleep through the night. Many parents are not aware that “sleeping through the night” is a skill that needs to be learned.

There are many different types of sleep coaching techniques and approaches. As a GSC I work with parents to create and implement a sleep plan with a gentle approach, where parents don’t have to leave their child to “cry it out”.

I offer Gentle Sleep Coaching services for children ages 6 months to 6 years, and Sleep Shaping services for children 4.5 months to 6 months.

About the Gentle Sleep Coaching Philosophy

The Gentle Sleep Coaching Program is currently the most extensive & professional sleep certification program available. The program involves over 50 hours of training, an exam and participation in case supervision with Kim West, LCSW-C who has been helping tired parents for over 16 years. Clinical supervision and ongoing advanced training are required to maintain certification as a Gentle Sleep Coach. Some of my training topics have included:

-Basic counseling and child development

-Sleep Science and Behavioral Modification Techniques

-Secure Attachment Theory

-Supporting the Breastfeeding Mom

And much more!

Lectures from top specialists in the areas of:

-Postpartum Depression from Dr Shoshana Bennett, author and leading specialist on Postpartum Depression

-Medical Conditions and Sleep Apnea in Children led by Dr Lewis Kass, Director of Children’s Sleep Center

and much more.

Freelance Writing by Morgan Province
Freelance writing services for an array of creative projects.

Currently accepting projects related to research and writing for various platforms. My favorite projects are rooted in social research and presented in way that educates and trains an audience. Projects include blog posts, news articles, social media posts, industry reports and training materials. I would love to help you tell the world about the amazing things you are doing!

Morgan Province – Portfolio

Quality Results LLC
Quality Results LLC includes social scientists who conduct evaluations and assessments to maximize the effectiveness of organizations and programs. We also use qualitative and quantitative research to support evidence-based program designs and behavior change initiatives.

Using a client centered approach and social science methodology, Quality Results LLC promotes transformative change for organizations and programs. We conduct social science research, behavioral assessments of programs, and quality control assessments of policies and procedures. Our goal is to promote the highest level of excellence for all social organizations and programs.

World Tree Coaching
I am a certified (ACC) life coach supporting individuals living outside their home cultures. My services are primarily provided via phone and Skype. I offer discounts to Foreign Service community members.

I offer life coaching to individuals facing the ups and downs of transition. These services primarily include one-on-one support sessions via Skype or phone, email follow-up and periodic check-ins. I provide insight into the culture shock experience, support you in determining your goals in relation to your transition, help you better understand what may be holding you back from experiencing the joys of living around the world and, most importantly, I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to truly be yourself during the process of realizing a life centered around the things you hold most dear. A significant portion of my coaching practice is based on the concepts of mindfulness. To that end, much of my work is dedicated to helping my clients build a better foundation for understanding their thought and emotional patterns, raising awareness of and insight around those patterns and developing strategies for using that awareness for a more fulfilling daily life.

More About My Professional Background: I have been a life coach since I launched World Tree Coaching in November 2013. I have also been a clinical social worker (with over 4,000 hours of direct practice experience), a teacher, trainer and program coordinator. I currently hold the International Coach Federation’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Clinical Social Work and Conflict Resolution. I have worked with individuals who are experiencing the challenges of cross-cultural adaptation for over 10 years. My client base is broad and diverse. I have worked with immigrants to the United States, students, trauma survivors, serial expats and Peace Corps volunteers.